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Letter: Students seek relevance

Students at Glenwood Springs High School are searching for a change. They want their educations to be relevant to life after high school, or to potentially help them with career decisions.

We are tired of asking questions such as, “How is this going to help me, why should I be learning this and when will I ever use this again? Through the Project Citizen unit in our Fundamentals of American Democracy class, we have come up with a solution to this issue.

Our proposed solution is that throughout the school year students will use 20 percent of their time to focus on something that matters to them. This comes down to only two months out of the academic school year spent doing something that a student wants to be involved with. This could be a future career opportunity, a cause that they want to support, or even doing something that they generally love to do.

Students could participate in an internship to see if that is what they want to go to college for, or shadow someone that has a job in the same field that they would like to do. Students would be required to write in a journal every time they participate in something that has to do with their 20 percent project. They would respond to questions that ask them what they experienced, and what they learned that would help them achieve their future goals.

The only issue with our policy is there are no sponsors or places that students may choose to go to for internships. If you’re a business owner, or know any business owners, then I encourage you and others to help support this policy. Help Glenwood Springs High School educate children in something that is relevant.

Maddie Hill


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