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Letter: Stupid is as stupid does

Could not help using that great statement about stupid. What is stupid, it was electing Obama instead of Romney. One of my brothers who has, or had, an extremely high IQ, voted for Obama to prove to himself that he was not a racist. Now that is stupid.

However, he was among too many people who figured that they would be given more help with BO in the White House. Of course, there are others that vote for their party no matter what the candidate stood for.

I asked your readers to read Obama’s books. If they had, they would have realized that he is a socialist, perhaps like some of you that voted for him but not what our country is supposed to stand for. If Romney had been elected, I am certain that he would have proven to be one of our best presidents.

Did Obama lie to you? He lied to me. My income went down, my taxes went up, my health insurance went up and my Social Security payments went down. I honestly would vote for a Bill Clinton, a John Kennedy or a Ronald Regan, if possible. Carter has to be one of the worst leaders that we ever had, but Obama takes first place in that regard.

In the past I had written some logical and, as I had been told, rationally interesting letters but I have become too frustrated to even concentrate after reading some of ridiculous letters in the Post Independent and Aspen Times. The last being Raymond’s letter belittling the corporations and billionaires, most of whom should be admired.

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