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Letter: Super cleanup job by Williams

It is time to give credit where credit is due. Congratulations to Williams Midstream for the super response in the cleanup of Parachute Creek. Oil and gas companies get little credit for the good they do and much blame for any accident that occurs even though their clean-up operations are rapid and extensive.

An example of the blame and fear is [the article about] Mary Russell in the Glenwood Springs Post Independent on Aug. 24. She attempts by petition to increase unproven fears of the operation to open up tight formations to recover a much-needed petroleum product. It is people like her that make hydrofracking into a dirty word abbreviated to fracking. From her statements it is clear she knows very little about the process but wants people to be afraid anyway.

To [reporter] John Colson, I would say it is not appropriate in reporting a news piece to use editorial phrases such as “dumped” when the benzene was actually deposited over a period of time. The other word is “toxic,” which in so many cases the toxicity of a chemical or gas depends on the concentration in a fluid and how fast it is diluted. John seems to report unfairly to side with the anti-drilling activists. Hardly unbiased reporting, John.

Jack E. Blankenship

Battlement Mesa

Editor’s note: The article in question referred to benzene as “potentially toxic” and “potentially dangerous,” not merely “toxic.”

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