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Letter: Support downtown Glenwood

I went to meet a friend for lunch today at Juicy Lucy’s, and on my way downvalley I thought, “We should have gone somewhere else due to all the construction.”

It was actually too late to change plans so I was very surprised to not have any problem parking in the area and the noise from the construction could not be heard.

There are so many great restaurants and shops in Glenwood Springs, and they are going to need our help over the next few years. There are probably a lot of people, like myself, who think it might be too much trouble to still come downtown. It’s not. It’s worth it.

So everyone from Aspen to Glenwood, come downtown. Eat, drink and shop and check out the bridge work. When the businesses survive this upheaval, we can say we all played a part. And we will all be winners

Jill Nixa

Old Snowmass

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