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Letter: Support Drew Gorgey

I know the city has quite a few major projects on its plate and is going through a number of organizational changes, one of which is the selection of a new city manager. I would like to weigh in on this.

Having spent my fair share of time in attending and participating in community meetings in the last 12-13 years where the city manager is a participant as well, I have developed an opinion or perspective of what I think makes an effective city manager. Also know that I realize the city staff’s opinion and perspective may be different from mine and your decision-making requires you to take that into consideration as well.

I believe an effective city manager should:

• Have an open mind in considering new ideas — not be stuck in a rut.

• Know people in the community yet is open to all ideas from all members of the community.

• Exhibit enthusiasm for leading city staff by soliciting their input.

• Take a pragmatic, fact-based stance when making decisions — and makes decisions.

• Show a sense of fairness in consideration of alternative ideas to his/hers.

• Be open to others’ opinions and assessing them for the good of the community.

• Understand the importance of maintaining Glenwood’s small-town character yet willing to move forward in a progressive manner.

I have seen Drew Gorgey in action, and he exceeds my criteria. I urge you to keep Drew in the city manager position permanently — allowing him to keep building relationships with his staff and our community assures us progress.

Suzanne M. Stewart

Glenwood Springs

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