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Letter: Support firefighters

Gary Pax

Not long ago a windswept fire roared through the Catherine Store area. Thanks to the firefighters from Carbondale and surrounding communities and counties, not only was my house saved as well as the houses in Lions Ridge subdivision and who knows how many houses or lives up in the Missouri Heights area would have been lost if not for the valiant efforts of the brotherhood (and sisterhood) of firefighters.

While it is entirely reasonable for taxpayers to expect good fiscal management and transparency of such, it is even more reasonable to provide the firefighters with the equipment and training they need to protect our lives and properties as well as their lives in doing so.

The recent fire district survey that was mailed out as well as other efforts to communicate to the community is commendable. The next time this valiant group asks us taxpayers for some money, I hope more people reach for their wallets on their bottoms for the team that protects our bottoms.

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