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Letter: Support for Bustang

When I first heard about the Bustang, its cost and minimal stop schedule, I resolved to try it. I’ve been a Colorado resident all my life and have traveled the I-70 corridor from Denver to Grand Junction all my life, which is now half a century and as we all know, it is not a pleasant trip.

I’ve had to turn back and go home because of traffic congestion and had to stay overnight in Frisco because of road closures.

I have a new car and money to buy good tires but have chosen to take the Bustang and then the Flatiron Flyer to the Boulder area at least two out of three trips to the Front Range. I do this for safety, to enjoy the trip by bringing things to do, contribute to the environment by not driving and in general being part of the solution our wonderful state has provided instead of continuing to be part of the problem.

I hope many others will join me, that the state will continue funding, and together we will do a very big thing to brighten our corner of the world.

Gwendolyn Hill

Glenwood Springs

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