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Letter: Support for Colorado’s Rep. Dan Thurlow

I would like to commend Robyn Parker for her column, Liberal Logic on April 24, praising Rep. Dan Thurlow, a conservative. She clearly pointed out that we now have a legislator who actually reads and understands various bills and then casts his vote based on what he believes is in the best interests of his constituents. She also points out that Rep. Thurlow has no problem publicly explaining his votes and the logic behind them, even if they upset the “purists” in his own party who are upset that he doesn’t always meet their litmus test.

For the record I am a registered Republican but an independent voter who wishes we had more people like Mr. Thurlow in the Legislature instead of the lemmings from both parties who have to ask their leadership how to vote.

Keep up the good work, Dan, and I can’t wait to vote for you — again!

L.W. Hunley

Grand Junction, Colo.

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