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Letter: Support for schools critical

I am a new teacher in the Roaring Fork School District, and I worked here last year as a paraprofessional. I feel lucky to be part of this community, and as I look around at other young colleagues in the Millennial generation, I see talented and committed professionals who will make an enormous difference here over the course of our careers.

When you check your mail in early October, you will see a ballot. It will ask if you support facilities upgrades for our school district. The projects included were dictated by input from teachers, parents and community as the most critical safety and learning needs in our buildings. In fact, of the $190 million identified, many projects were knocked off the list to keep costs down, so only the most essential remain.

The part most important to me is the $5 million allotted in each community (Glenwood, Carbondale and Basalt) for affordable housing for teachers who are just starting out. This is non-negotiable if we are to recruit a teaching population that reflects and serves the students in our schools.

My friends and colleagues struggle to find places to live in the valley and find themselves moving from rental to rental frequently. This solution allows the district to collect rent and reinvest those funds in more housing solutions and district needs in the future, while guaranteeing quality staff have places to live.

People may squawk about the price tag. Don’t pay any attention. In the long run, $20 a month on property taxes is well worth the investment for our districts to be able to recruit and retain quality teachers, not to mention all the other great projects that come along with it.

Ballots are due on Nov. 3 and can be returned by mail or in person. Teachers and students need your support.

Leah Wesley


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