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Letter: Support for USAA 

Re: the letter by Irvin Tilley, “Veterans v. USAA Car Insurance,” Wednesday, Jan. 20.

I was surprised when I read Mr. Tilley’s account of his experience with USAA because I, too, am a veteran. I served for 31 years, have been insured by USAA since 1962 (54 years), and have had nothing but prompt, competent and caring service with my auto and home insurance as well as banking needs.

Mr. Tilley complains that USAA required documentation from medical professionals for both his injury and his medical expenses, and that USAA has denied coverage of some medications. USAA’s policy on medical payments coverage clearly states that it will cover necessary and appropriate medical services that are properly documented to be in accord with recognized standards of care consistent with published practice guidelines for licensed medical providers. But it does reserve the right to insure that all claims are complete and appropriate.

I’m really sorry Mr. Tilley is experiencing such frustration and pain from his auto accident, but I can say that kind of experience with USAA is uncharacteristic and something I and the veterans I know have not encountered. USAA has provided us with first-rate service over the years. I highly recommend the company to any eligible person.

Karl Oelke

New Castle

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