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Letter: Support Helpers Solutions Disaster Restoration

It is an overwhelming feeling to discover, at 8 a.m., with coffee steaming in your hand as you prepare for a day of work at home, that your office area is flooded.

The first thought is, “where is the water coming from?” The second is, “What am I going to do?”

Making it worse for me that day on Jan. 17 was the discovery of a significant mold problem. Sheetrock disintegrated into my hands and liquefied insulation poured out of the hole to reveal the source of the flood. Apparently, a neighbor’s dishwasher had been leaking into the wall for quite awhile.

At that point, I called the first flood-mitigation company I could find. I thought I was calling the big company in the valley, whose vans I see everywhere, but I ended up talking to Helpers Solutions Disaster Restoration in Basalt. It turned out that Helpers is a splinter off the big company, and I feel confident saying I received superior service than what anyone else would have provided.

Helpers responded within two hours. The owner, Red, and his business partner, Anthony, provided unwavering service.

Three insurance companies told us they wouldn’t cover the mold and water damage. With my fiancée in grad school and all my medical bills from open-heart surgery, we were in one hell of a jam that wasn’t our fault. The Helpers guys stood buy us and saw us through over the next month. I’m pretty sure the big company would have been out the door as soon as they realized we weren’t sure how we were going to pay for $15,000 of work.

Red was concerned for our health and believed there was more to the situation than what we could see at the time. He tore into the wall on faith that what he found would change the situation with the insurance companies, and it did.

Ultimately, Helpers got paid, but only after a considerable investment in humanity. Human-to-human concern is increasingly rare in today’s big-biz atmosphere. That is why I am happy to recommend Helpers Solutions Disaster Restoration in Basalt. Visit their website or call them any day, any time, for water, fire, mold, asbestos and carpet cleaning, at 970-927-3600.

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