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Letter: Support responsible growth of Colorado National Monument

In response to Stephen and Darleen Gsell’s letter, “Colorado National Monument’s National Park dispute:”

First, bicyclists are not safe on Monument Road now regardless of the traffic — as is any bicyclist on any public road.

Second: More tourism means more food … food grown by local farmers; thus I don’t care what somebody did for water-usage rights in California. That’s not at stake here. The change means increased tourism. It is a National Park. That means it is for use by everyone. The economy can use the jobs (even the ones being slandered in the aforementioned letter) and the revenue stream will be a benefit to hospitality, agriculture, retail and service industries. Plus, the tax dollars can be spent to make the roads safer for the bicyclists. It will also create opportunities for new businesses in the disposable-income categories, which then creates entry level jobs for recently graduating college students. Local farms will need to produce more food to feed these people and the medical industry can continue to grow.

For a community often referred to as a “boom town” — which has been rocked not once, but twice, by the oil and gas industry and their transient workforce in the last two generations — stable jobs are necessary. I support responsible growth of Colorado National Monument. Please support your local economy.

Josh Niernberg

Grand Junction, Colo.

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