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Letter: Support tax on oil

Rep. Tipton gave a speech on the House floor this week decrying President Obama’s budget proposal for a $10 per barrel tax on oil for the purpose of funding state infrastructure projects that are backlogged for underfunding.

Our federal budget was decimated fighting the war in the Middle East, which had a major goal of protecting global oil resources. There was no oil tax then to pay for the war, and our federal debt is the unhappy consequence of that poor policy. Today, we can support this tax, and unite to support infrastructure needs for roads, airports, railroads, light rail, bus rapid transit, water, air quality and Internet improvements across the nation.

Federal funds came to our rescue for repairing rockfall in Glenwood Canyon. As a nation, we come to others’ rescue when accidents and disaster strikes. This is part of our shared responsibility; it makes us a nation, not a bunch of individuals. This is the national security I care about. And I hope you do, too.

Please call or write Rep. Tipton and let him know you support a national tax to support national secure infrastructure. Address: 225 N 5th St #702, Grand Junction, CO 81501 Phone:(970) 241-2499.

Susan Rhea

Glenwood Springs

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