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Letter: Swallow Oil inflated gas prices for years

It is a mystery to me why Mike McKibbin chose to dedicate so many column inches to a defense of Swallow Oil. This is the company that has held multiple communities hostage for decades. Swallow Oil has never, to my knowledge, given a break to any customers at any time. In fact, if the local scuttlebutt is correct, Kirk Swallow was lobbying the Sinclair stations to increase their rates, too. True? False?

No matter. The truth is, we in the Colorado River Valley communities have paid inflated gas prices for years, and now City Market is offering us relief. I seldom find myself in the position of cheering on MegaCorp, but in this instance I have to say, “Praise the saints!”

I’m not sure that everybody in this area shares Kirk Swallows’ self-proclaimed view of his charitable largesse. I do want to say, though, that his remarks regarding City Market are off-base. When I have approached City Market to help with benefits that I have organized, they have always responded with courtesy, and grace, and generosity. They seem to feel a part of our community. Other people have commented similarly.

I hope that the employees of Swallow Oil can continue to prosper at their jobs. Maybe the Swallow family can make some concessions to repay the years of loyal service that their employees have given to the company.

Will City Market raise its prices? I don’t care if they do or don’t. I’m going to spend my dollars at a company that has indicated a positive connection to my community.

Linda Jenks


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