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Letter: Tax all for the benefit of the few?

When the Rifle Regional Economic Development Corp. president announced at the State of Community luncheon in February a committee was forming to propose a tax increase to fund a new Rifle recreation center, it’s all I could do not to stand up and shout, “Oh, HELL no. We just had a tax increase last year.”

But, no, no, I refrained. I’m a professional after all, and this is a small town.

Thankfully, in March the Rifle No More TAXES group was formed. And yes, I am a member. You may have heard of it, read their Citizen Telegram column, or perused their Facebook site. They aren’t opposed to rec centers; they are opposed to being taxed for them.

Discovered very quickly were the anti-taxers, anti-frivolous spenders, pro-budget, personal responsibility, and hard-working folks who make up the silent majority of Rifle. They spend hundreds of hours volunteering each year for the various groups, causes and events they are passionate about.

Another thing discovered was, generally speaking, people don’t like confrontation, and they worry about the repercussions of standing up to the opposition in a small town. There was no formal opposition to the Vote a Penny or the water tax hike. We’ve been too busy commuting and working to keep our families above water during this continued rough economic period to notice what has slowly and quietly been happening in the town we love so much.

If this ballot issue passes, our total tax will be 8.89 percent and Rifle will be another $21 million in debt. Just 15 percent of Glenwood Springs residents have annual passes to their rec center. Tax all for the benefit of the few? Illogical and inequitable.

We have a chance to stop this unnecessary tax hike. Let your voice be heard Sept. 10 by voting NO.

Susan Nichols-Alvis


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