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Letter: Tax requests unreasonable

Joan Cheney

I just read in the paper today that now the RE-1 School District has also decided they need more money in the way of raising our taxes.

Isn’t that a wonderful thing? First the fire district and now the school district — I guess we are finally coming around to being thought of as another Aspen with a bottomless pocketbook.

When we retired, we were hoping that we could stay in our home that we have worked for and paid for in the last 46 years that we have lived here and not be taxed out of, but it is looking more and more like that is not going to happen.

Are the current schools really that full that we need another school at Cattle Creek and why can’t the school district raise the teachers’ pay so they can afford to live here instead of having to build affordable housing on one of the most attractive and used open spaces in Carbondale?

To me, neither one of these entities need tax raises that high. First let the economy get back on its feet a little more. Have any of you people gone to the store lately and paid the prices, and all of the utilities are going up, but if you are retired your retirement does not go up, in fact it goes down with each of these tax increases and the other increases.

My taxes will go up at least $400 a year if these mill levies are passed, and that is a bunch taken away from most people’s retirement, and heaven help us if we get sick.

This is a ridiculously huge request from both districts and they need to think of the area and rethink the amount.

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