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LETTER: Taxation without representation

The rural and agricultural members of the Rifle community are being left out of the debate for the Recreation Center; we have no vote.

We get to sit on the sidelines and watch while the city racks up debt for a $25 million dollar water treatment plant, get to watch while the city reserves drop from $7 million in 2009 to $4 million now. (Why were the reserve funds not used on the water treatment plant instead of a slush fund for continued overspending?)

The city of Meeker residents love their recreation center. They decided that was the one thing their city and surrounding area wanted. We did the same thing with new schools, passing a $21 million school bond measure. This have all/have now mentality cannot be sustained.

I urge Rifle voters to vote NO on Amendment D and to vote for Dirk Myers and Hans Parkinson for Rifle City Council. They are the only two candidates that seem to realize that the community I spent all 12 years of school in and lived by for all of my 53 years is in trouble.

There are already enough taxes to pay for a recreation center; we need a city council that can make the hard choices to see that it is done.

Kelly Couey


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