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Letter: Taxing bodies take a mile

Good question posed by readers and taxpayers. So what will the outcome be? I think that towns and school districts can’t seem to see that there are budgets and so far nobody has been sticking to them. It’s like, “Let’s ask for a whole lot and hope we get some.”

Frankly, I think this “it’s for the kids” is getting a little trite. Somehow no matter the size of the government or the size of the school district, it’s always the same: We give an inch and you take a mile.

When you go to a store to buy a piece of furniture, you have an idea in mind as to how long you’re going to keep it, how useful it’s going to be, how satisfied will we be, etc.

Doesn’t seem like the towns and the school districts actually know what the outcome is. Well, if they don’t know, then maybe they shouldn’t be in charge.

Jane Spaulding


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