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Letter: Taxpayers are uneasy about open-ended taxes

I read with dismay a letter from Thomas Flynn regarding the fact that the [Carbondale] Fire Department’s tax bill didn’t pass. He has it all wrong. I know for a fact that the Fire Department will be responding as fast as possible.

I do think that the paper in putting out the pros and cons for this added expense was incorrect. The way it was presented in the paper [by letter writers]: If we don’t pass the added tax for the fire department, they will not be responding to your call for help as fast as possible. This is not true.

It didn’t pass because we are all taxed beyond reason. Not from the fire department, in particular, but just from all sides of the federal government and the state government. A lot of those taxes we have not had a say in. This fire tax was to purchase new equipment and or upgrade equipment. This was an open-ended tax that meant it could last forever.

If the fire department had presented it as a tax for a couple of years, it probably would have passed. As an opened-ended tax, taxpayers were just a little bit uneasy. Not because we thought the fire department didn’t deserve it, but no jobs, people barely making enough for food on the table, etc.: It’s a little bit scary right now for a tax Increase. Too many people are still losing their homes and unable to pay property taxes.

However if you wish to donate money to the fire department, go ahead with all of our blessing. However, you don’t need to be putting a guilt trip on those that voted it down.

With the tax not passing, it just meant that the fire department won’t be teaching classes at CMC like they usually do. This is just one example.

Jane Spaulding


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