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Letter: Thankful that Martin voted against funding Planned Parenthood

We are thankful to John Martin that there is one man of courage among the commissioners. We were very disappointed that both Tom Jankovosky and Mike Samson caved to the pressure of the already highly funded Planned Parenthood abortion mill, which takes the lives of innocent and helpless babies.

The power of evil in our nation is great. As I look at the Glenwood Post, I see many evils being advertised and reported. These are flooding our valley and accepted as “normal.”

Just to remind you, abortion causes not only extreme pain to the baby being killed, but it also deeply scars the young parents and others close to them, as well as affects our whole society. Some victims of the abortion mill turn to alcohol, drugs and other addictions to help ease and mask the grief, shame, guilt, pain and regret. When the abortion is over and the very high amount of money collected, Planned Parenthood offers no further help.

Designating monies to organizations like Planned Parenthood only frees up other monies to be used for abortion. They do not offer sonograms, to show mom’s what is really going on, and they do not do mammograms, they only send clients to the hospital. Planned Parenthood charges their clients, then is greatly funded by federal, state and county agencies, as well as private donors.

This Valley does offer a far better opportunity to young girls and women who do not want to endure the horrors of abortion, but feel they cannot care for their expected baby. The Pregnancy Resource Center in Glenwood and Rifle truly care about these young mothers and also their babies. They will help to educate them about what is happening to their own bodies and also the baby’s body. And they will walk through the months ahead with them helping in every way needed.

This service is totally free of charge. It is not a money-making business. If the county has so much money to give away, this would be a far better option.

Ramona Talbott

New Castle

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