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Letter: Thanks, Adventure Co.

Glenwood Springs Middle School would like to express sincere thanks to Ken Murphy and staff at the Glenwood Adventure Co., as well as Aaron Taylor with the Way of Compassion Bike Project. The experiences they created for our eighth-graders will never be forgotten.

Students were able to engage in adventures in our valley that expanded their horizons and helped them imagine their own possibilities without limitations. Students engaged in rafting, biking, geocaching, hiking, and the most challenging sport of all … Segways.

As teachers, we watched students, who were fearful of the river at first, gain confidence and strength as they paddled in early spring conditions. We shared in their excitement when we got an up-close, personal experience with two bald eagles at the river’s edge. We were also able to experience students overcoming their fears and pushing themselves to finding inner strength, often in situations that were out of their comfort zone. Students were able to fully immerse themselves in nature. The students’ appreciation and understanding of all the wonderful elements in our beautiful valley was strengthened by the experiences that they gained during our Outdoor Education Week at GSMS.

Thank you.

Eighth-grade team

Glenwood Springs Middle School

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