Letter: Thanks for deer warning sign

To all those who helped get a requested red-flagged wildlife crossing sign installed on Spring Hill Road recently (within three weeks of request Feb. 25 is relatively fast), I wish to express our gratitude and appreciation.

Too many deer have been hit on this road where the speed limit varies between 25 and 35 mph, depending on location. Granted, sometimes this is unavoidable, but far too many drivers disregard the speed limits, resulting in the sad loss of far too many deer.

Who would wish an animal to suffer, and who wants a big vehicle repair bill or a claim on their auto insurance, not to mention possible personal injury? Please slow down, drivers, and if you see deer grazing near the road, slow way down and flash your lights to warn approaching drivers in the opposite lane.

A helpful (directing further calls to Road and Bridge and County Sheriff’s offices) Colorado State Parks and Wildlife officer reiterated that this winter, having more snows than usual, has brought more deer lower in elevation.

Please drive safely, everyone, and help keep our wildlife safe. Seeing living wildlife is part of why we live here, and they have enough to contend with just to stay alive.

Nancy Morey,

Glenwood Springs

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