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Letter: Thanks for helping save dog

Carol Abbott
Battlement Mesa

My daughter’s mini Australian Shepherd recently got out of my back yard and went on a frantic run for four and a half days. The various developments in Battlement are well spread out and separated by gullies where coyotes prowl.

The fliers that we posted all over — against covenant rules — did prove to be what alerted so many people. I have new respect for the instant response from people, who put our numbers into their cell phones. A lady out walking with a stroller spotted Katie and immediately called. My daughter was in the process of packing up to go home to Glenwood — trying to accept that her dog was gone.

Even with many sightings, Katie would not let anyone catch her. I need to thank everyone who helped in our search — Animal Control, the two Kum & Gos, students from the schools, a lady named Sue and many more who were on high alert and so caring.

Katie’s feet are raw from so much running, but she is back home in Glenwood Springs. Thank you, good people in Battlement.

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