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Letter: Thanks for Thompson Divide editorial

Dorothea Farris

I want to thank the Post Independent for taking a stand against industry’s efforts to drill in the Thompson Divide area, and for your support of a balanced approach to development on the Western Slope.

For many Western Slope communities, the Thompson Divide supports a thriving rural economy based on ranching, hunting, recreation and tourism. The editorial stated plainly, “Let’s protect agriculture and enhance recreational uses and the jobs that go with them — jobs that would be threatened merely by the publicity that would accompany drilling.”

Oil and gas development in the Divide would seriously injure many of these existing uses and the businesses and families that rely on them. Thanks to the PI for knowing that we shouldn’t mess with what’s not broken, and for standing with the broad-based coalition of communities working together to conserve the Thompson Divide, the lifestyles and the livelihoods it supports.

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