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Letter: Thanks to Feinsinger

I just wanted to personally thank the Post Independent and Dr. Greg Feinsinger for his articles. I very much appreciate his wisdom and fortitude in writing about the overwhelming benefits of a plant-based diet on such a public media platform with such a wide audience.

I am a nurse at Roaring Fork Family Practice, and I also have been on a statin since I was 25. I am in very good shape, of a normal weight and BMI, a long-distance runner, but lost the genetic lottery. Due in part to Feinsinger’s articles, I decided to adopt a plant-based diet in October in an effort to see if I could get off of my statin, or at least see a reduction in my dose.

My overall sense of well-being since adopting a plant-based diet has been subtle but worth it.

Fingers crossed that it works for me. Thank you so much for these inspirational articles. Here’s hoping to see more in the coming year.

Katy VanNostrand


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