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Letter: Thanks to Forest Service on Thompson Divide

My family recently moved to Carbondale from Aspen (where my wife and I both grew up), and I am so grateful for the high value on community ideals and readiness around and commitment to local food system sustainability here.

I love that so many, dare I say the majority of residents, here understand that the health of our community relies on the health of our environment, and that a united front like the Thompson Divide Coalition is working tirelessly to assure that health is in place for many generations to come.

I want to give huge props and a heartfelt thank-you to the U.S. Forest Service for standing behind the well-being of our future by closing off leasing of land at our headwaters (our life source), the Thompson Divide. Thank you, U.S. Forest Service, for following through on what all our public entities should be doing, preserving and respecting humanity and the world around us. I only hope that the BLM follows your leadership in doing the right thing.

Eden Vardy

executive director, Aspen T.R.E.E.

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