Letter: Thanks to the Glenwood City Council for wisely deciding to continue the city’s annual spring cleanup

Yes, it’s expensive, and occasionally subject to abuse. No doubt it can be improved and streamlined.

But I suspect most residents would agree that, for the most part, it’s money well spent, and one of the most tangible and appreciated benefits we receive each year from the city. It leaves our community cleaner and healthier for those of us who live here, and more attractive for the many visitors who help to support our local economy.

Much of the branches and organic matter that are collected are shredded and composted for reuse, while by consolidating the materials collected into fewer, larger truckloads, dozens of smaller vehicle trips to the city landfill are avoided.

The cleanup also fosters a small industry of industrious recyclers, who cruise the neighborhoods ahead of the city’s collection trucks salvaging lawnmowers, lumber, furniture and other household items that can be repaired, reused or repurposed. In my neighborhood, in fact, we often call it the annual “swap.”

As for improvements, we can probably do better at limiting the time collectibles can be left on the curb before pickup, although the current schedule allowing a mere two or three days for most cleanup zones seems a bit restrictive. Perhaps a week is enough time?

Likewise, we can all help by keeping an eye out for those unloading debris in front of other people’s homes (get their license number if possible), and by monitoring nearby piles for tires, TVs, paint, motor oil and other hazardous materials. Violators can be reported to the city at or by leaving a voicemail at 384-6336.

Meantime, let’s all be sure to show our gratitude to city crews when they arrive to clear our neighborhoods. They’re under pressure to get the job done quickly and thoroughly, and anything we can do to make their jobs easier would no doubt be appreciated.

Russ Arensman

Glenwood Springs

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