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Letter: Thanks to Worley

The Roaring Fork Valley is well known for its leadership in environmental sustainability. Holy Cross Energy, our local electric cooperative, has been one of those known leaders, especially with Del Worley at the helm. After 25 years with Holy Cross Energy, Del retired July 3.

In the world of utilities, the rate of change is fast and furious. Small, member-owned electric cooperatives like Holy Cross Energy often have a hard time keeping with pace with new programs and technologies. We’ve been lucky in the Roaring Fork Valley to have a CEO who has welcomed innovation, clean energy and partnership.

Del Worley, working with the board and staff of Holy Cross Energy, has transitioned the utility toward more energy efficiency programs to decrease demand for energy and toward a greener, cleaner energy supply, while keeping rates low and electricity reliable.

Since 1994, when the Community Office for Resource Efficiency (CORE) was founded, Holy Cross Energy has been at the table as a supporter, partner and pioneer.

Holy Cross Energy was one of the first utilities to co-develop the Wind Power Pioneers program with CORE, offering customers wind energy for a little extra. The program helped ignite the extensive wind energy development in Colorado. Holy Cross Energy also partnered with us to offer some of the state’s first utility-sponsored renewable energy rebates to homeowners and business owners that installed solar photovoltaic systems. These are just two examples of how progressive thinking at Holy Cross has resulted in progressive action.

In 2005 renewable energy was 7 percent of Holy Cross Energy’s electricity. In 2016 that number had risen to 34 percent thanks to pioneering projects. As of today Holy Cross Energy has brought on a variety of renewable energy sources including: biomass, coal mine methane capture, small hydro and community solar energy projects. Holy Cross is not stopping there; now it is looking to add another large solar project.

As Del strikes out on a new path, we say: “Thank you for your leadership, your partnership and your progressive action.” The ship has set sail and the course is in the right direction. Enjoy your well-deserved retirement.

George Newman,

Chair, CORE Board of Directors

Mona Newton

CORE executive director

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