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Letter: The benefits of 3B

Joe Mollica
Glenwood Springs

Consider the cost and benefits when deciding how to vote on School Bond 3B.

• It is my understanding that the cost will be approximately $22 a month for a residence valued at $400,000.

• The bond will help ease overcrowding through the construction of a new K-8 school located between Glenwood and Carbondale. Crowding at Sopris Elementary School, for example, has necessitated the use of small learning pods in what was spaciously, designed hallways or “neighborhoods” for large group learning.

• Glenwood Springs Elementary School will be remodeled, bringing together a myriad of smaller separated buildings into a larger school building improving safety and access.

• Passing the 3B bond will allow RFSD to incorporate $9.1 million from a state BEST grant.

• Retaining good teachers — which directly affects student learning — is becoming very difficult due to the high cost of housing. Part of the 3B bond will include the development of affordable housing for beginning teachers on the lower end of the pay scale.

• RFSD has a good record of holding construction contractors accountable. For example, problems encountered with the heating and ventilation system at Glenwood Springs High school were fixed before final payments were made.

• Passing the 3B bond along with the recently approved land exchange will allow for the continued redevelopment of the downtown core along the Roaring Fork river down to the confluence with the Colorado.

• The 3B school bond will provide jobs through construction resulting in money that will resonate out into the community.

• Improved schools are a major factor in increasing real estate property values.

As voters we can to do nothing and let our schools decay with all the associated problems, or move forward and reap the benefits that improved infrastructure will bring to our community. Please vote yes on 3B.

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