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Letter: The Democrats just don’t listen

The head honcho of the Democratic Party in Aspen published a letter in an Aspen paper and you have to wonder about it, Apparently a lot of people that have been called regarding who they might be voting for must be voting for Cory Gardner. This Democratic Party head honcho Blanca O’Leary is apparently trying to discredit Cory Gardner, who is running against Udall. Funny when a Democrat decides they are losing they start trying to place the blame for the way this country, this state is on everybody.

Well, the Democratic Party has been in charge of the Senate for sometime. Udall has been in that office since 1999, so far the last two or three years, he has become the poster child — no pun intended since he isn’t a youngster — for Obama and company.

Blanca is saying that all of Gardner’s ads are false. I would presume, Blanca, you have never lost a job, never had to pinch pennies? Living in Aspen tells us that your part of the elite crowd and you’re not the everyday Joe that the rest of us are. You are saying that nobody lost their Insurance from the fiasco Obamacare rollout, well I think they did.

You fail to mention that if you haven’t signed up by the deadline that you could be fined as much as $12,000 by the IRS. You failed to mention that the Udall bills he has put forth never got passed. Udall voted for everything Obama has stood for the last three years. He has not created “shovel-ready jobs.” He has voted with Obama to raise the debt ceiling, so Obamacare could be paid for. He has voted for every tax increase. He has voted against the Keystone Pipeline. So, as usual, another Democrat may bite the dust for not listening to all us peons.

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