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Letter: The freshly purchased GOP majority

R.W. Boyle
New Castle

I guess it’s not just me. Here is a thoughtful quote from a Florida (Jeb Bush’s state) U.S. representative. This man is in Congress, an eyewitness to what is happening to America. Here are some of his thoughts on our freshly purchased Republican majority:

“For the past five months, every single elected GOP member of Congress (all 250-plus of them) has been a white Christian. Maybe it’s a coincidence. Let’s see: 27 percent of all Americans are black, mixed race or Asian. Twenty-four percent do not identify themselves as Christians. Let’s suppose that half of all Americans are white, self-identified Christians, and half are not. What are the chances that 250 of the white Christians just randomly would end up as the Republicans in Congress, and zero of the others?

“Answer: 0.28 percent. There is a 0.28 percent chance that it’s all just a terrible misunderstanding. And a 99.72 percent chance that it’s not.” — Florida Rep. Alan Grayson

Mr. Grayson did not choose to address the issue that half of our population is female. Do we really need to look it up to see that of the 250 new dollar slaves in Congress but a small percent are women? Another “terrible misunderstanding?”

I’m hopeful that Mr. Ceremuga, or perhaps another of our knowledgeable Republican apologists can explain these seeming impossibilities to someone of my age.

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