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Letter: The good, the bad and the ugly

The good: Citizens of Garfield County decided years ago to elect a sheriff who would protect and serve us. I’m sure many of you were skeptical at first, as was I, but if we can remember back when Lou Vallario was elected, the county was under a fast-paced growth spurt. With growth naturally comes a crime spurt.

Lou was able to build a Sheriff’s Office that kept up with the growth and the crime and now Garfield County Sheriff Department is known nationwide as one of the best. He will tell you it’s not him — it’s the people he has hired, which is the truth. Our deputies are highly trained for the worst-case scenarios imaginable, down to helping you change a flat tire on some backcounty road.

The bad: Citizens and visitors to our county are all for a DA like Sherry Caloia who doesn’t prosecute crimes that our Sheriff’s Office has brought to her desk. Crime is business and if criminals know they can conduct business and not get punished for it, that will create more business for them, which will bring more crime to our county.

The ugly: The I-70 corridor runs right through the middle of our county, which brings ugly things from both directions. We have a strong Sheriff’s Office that will protect us from the ugliness trying to get into our county, but it needs our support in electing someone who will prosecute the crimes that they make arrests for.

If you read the front page of the Post Independent on April 15, you will see that our sheriff and our deputies are frustrated and annoyed knowing that they are ready and willing to put their lives on the line for us making arrests only to see a lot of these criminals walk away and not be prosecuted. The Garfield County Sheriff’s Office has had our back and now it’s time for us to have their back and elect a DA standing for “district attorney” like it’s supposed to and not “don’t arrest.”

Bill West

New Castle

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