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Letter: The Lorax

On Monday I went up to the Lorax Trail for my first run there this year. Windows rolled down, feeling the fresh air, I drove up CR 108. High above Carbondale, Sopris in my rear view mirror, I was stoked to live and run in such a beautiful place.

What I saw when I arrived at the trailhead completely killed my mood. Remnants of a raging party littered both sides of the road. The waste reminded me of Dr. Seuss’s “The Lorax” – clearly whoever left the utter mess hadn’t understood the moral of that story.

Later in the week, as I thought of returning for another run, I dreaded coming upon that sight again. So, Thursday I drove back up – not to run, but to pick up all the trash. When I got there, a group of five early college-aged kids were sitting on the embankment lining the road, soaking in the landscape and talking. I approached them to mention the trash and they said they had been talking about it. I told them I was thinking of cleaning it up. Immediately, they volunteered to help. Not 15 minutes later, my car was full of trash bags and the site was clean and restored.

I’m writing this to share my appreciation for these young people and to express my hope that as a community we raise and praise a more thoughtful generation of youth.

Eric Lamb


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