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Letter: The mayor does represent all of our citizens

As someone who has had the honor of being “selected” as Glenwood’s mayor on three occasions, I feel that it is time for the City Council to give serious consideration to supporting a change to the process by which our mayor is chosen. While it is true that the position of mayor is largely ceremonial with the primary functions being to serve as the chair of meetings and the signing of legal documents on behalf of the city, the mayor does represent all of our citizens and is also seen as a spokesperson for our community. As a result, I feel that the mayor should be elected by the citizens rather than chosen by as few as four members of the Council.
Even now, eight years after my last term, residents continue to ask me why Glenwood’s mayor is not elected by the people. During my three terms as mayor, I and other council members suggested that consideration be given to amending the city charter to require that the mayor be elected by the community at large. We were not successful in this effort as others felt that a change would add too much complexity to the election process. While this change would require some reorganization of the current ward/at-large distribution it, in my opinion, would give the community a better understanding of the qualifications and values of those desiring to serve as mayor and, more importantly, the power to choose him or her to the people.
Bruce Christensen,
Glenwood Springs

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