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Letter: The nerve of Brune


I see the Sierra Club’s head thug, Michael Brune (June 14 front page article) decided to add insult to injury by making a publicity-stunt visit to Garfield County. Apparently, using the courts to squeeze the life out of our county wasn’t enough for him — he had to come here to rub our noses in it in person and arrogantly proclaim that “natural gas is no longer a bridge fuel”.

There is absolutely no good reason why our local economy isn’t booming, and our people not working on places like the Roan Plateau. We have decades worth of oil and natural gas right here, and the skill and experience to develop it wisely. It wasn’t that long ago that we had 20 or more drilling rigs operating in the area, most of them pretty hard to see from the road, and virtually no one unemployed. Now, all but a handful of those rigs have left for other parts of the nation, taking jobs, paychecks, and hopes and dreams for the future with them. In their wake are empty stores, foreclosed homes, drained savings, closed businesses, and worry about the future.

And Brune has the gall to fly in here and whine about how he “shouldn’t have to organize and litigate” to prevent us from developing our resources, in our backyard, in a place that has been identified and earmarked for petroleum production for 100 years? Where does he get off telling us that our lives don’t matter because some of his uninformed, high-dollar donors who couldn’t find Garfield County on a map think that the Roan is some pristine wilderness that is home to some endangered species of mosquito?

It is long past time that we started developing the leases on the Roan. We have let guys like this Brune character hijack our lives with their crippling lawsuits long enough. It’s time for our federal and state government agencies to start doing their jobs, quit kowtowing to these extremists, and help us get our lives and economy back on track.

Kent Jolley

Glenwood Springs

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