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LETTER: The new economic paradigm

’Tis the season for business to find the year’s black ink, and I hope all you who make this place the community it is have a stellar season as I deliver a little wisdom about living wages for the next. Wisdom many may take as lumps of coal but nevertheless wisdom all small business need to know to survive in the new paradigm.

We think wrongheaded about a living wage (or slave wages for that matter) as being only an expense on the myopic books of any business (small or large) because the wages of wage earner go 100 percent directly back into the economy. Even the meager savings the working poor manage to save goes on deposit in the local banks, helping to keep them solvent enough to lend business the money to go into business in the first place, as well as grow large enough to fail. Something we forget is initially accomplished on the poor man’s coin.

This is because they are engaged in living and unlike the 1 percent do not horde, removing wealth from any venture risky as being alive. They are the true engine of any economy including capitalism. The rich are too fickle for such responsibility and so build sepulchers that in recent years have been garnished with statues of Atlas Shrugging.

The new paradigm will demand we look at things not as individual businesses but as neighborhoods, community and towns. This is a hard lesson to learn for a country beholden to false claim of rugged individualism save to those who are in fact rugged individuals. To them this is crystal clear.

Thus dropping the utterly — and always so — classification of entry level jobs as such and start thinking community as something more dynamic and integrated than even balance sheets can account for because if you haven’t noticed the war machine economy is presently being dismantled by force beyond Fortune 500 companies’ control, and there is nothing governments can do to change this because your time has come and gone.

Happy holidays. May the new year have you joining our era anew.

Eric Olander

Glenwood Springs

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