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Letter: The real license problem

I read the editorial in the May 9 PI, “Anti-immigrant Republicans abet black market.” The subject was the issuing of driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants per the 2013 law passed by the Democratic-controlled state Legislature. When the law went into effect, five DMV stations where set up, four on the Front Range and one in Grand Junction. Proof of Colorado residency and a U.S. taxpayer ID number were among the requirements. The program was “wildly popular,” issuing 8,000 licenses in the first seven months and turning away 5,000 more for lack of proper documents. If my math is right, a little over 38 percent of those who applied failed to get their license. How much time was spent at the stations screening out the ineligible? Enter the Republicans?

They took over the majority in the Senate and cut the number of stations to three, leaving two on the Front Range and the original Grand Junction station. This created, according to the editorial, a “black market for appointments.” Nothing changed here on the Western Slope.

Republicans strengthened the law against selling appointments making it a misdemeanor to do so. It was already a civil violation.

Here lies the hypocrisy of this article. It is against the law to sell appointments, yet the PI lists Mr. Esteban’s business name providing free advertising so he can profit selling more illegal appointments. Mr. Esteban says “open more offices and the problem goes away.” Have you stopped selling appointments, or are you still ripping off your fellow Hispanics by operating an illegal service, Mr. Esteban?

The truth is the Democrats opened one office here on the Western Slope and the Republicans did not close it. Two businesses sell illegal appointments here in our area, how many more are there doing the same thing? They eat up all the appointments making it difficult or impossible for the individual to get an appointment. I say, “Close down Mr. Esteban and the other sharks and the problem goes away.”

Norm Shroll

Glenwood Springs

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