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Letter: The reasons we veil our act of sedition with celebration

Happy Sedition Day Uncle Sam indeed. Hal Sundin has a point.

Would our example of democracy be better imported if celebrated with the adoption of the Constitution? It’s a nice sentiment but it’s like the argument of human life beginning at conception or birth, save in reverse. There are several reasons that we veil our act of sedition with celebration of the nation’s coming out onto the world stage, the least of which is to import democracy. And like it is with individuals, such distinctions give us free reign in the birthing process of nations. Harvesting resources like they’re stem-cells at best or organs at worst.

The one reason our victory for independence didn’t break into civil war (right away) is it was, unlike the others, carried out by our aristocracy. Dress to the nines in the fashionable ideals of the Enlightenment they sought to practice business on the same footing as the King. Democracy doesn’t last — Egypt the latest casualty — because it’s about market share, and despite the nouveau rich the world is still ruled by very, very old money.

Our first actions as a nation were to retie those ties that bind with a seat at the table. We really weren’t concerned with freedom for “all” and still aren’t, because it’s our table. The Third World is still canon fodder.

Now it’s the table of the Military Industrial Complex, discussing their version of the Great Game (playing one side against the other), given the euphonium: War on Terror, since the Soviet collapse burst our most blessed “bubble.” A slogan paying homage to what created our plate (market share) at the table of the industrial armament feeding frenzy: The War to End All Wars. Alas, the gilded age of irony.

So, because real independence demands the unlikely all-out war between the opulent and the masses, stock the CIA’s Division of Tribal Affairs victory over the electoral process in Egypt, as not a loss for our form of democracy, nor as a conspiracy (as the ousted have it) but as good old Anglo-American business as usual.

Eric Olander

Glenwood Springs

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