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LETTER: The two biggest problems in America today

Behind the smoke and mirrors of the media, there are but two compelling issues in America today. If we do not soon resolve them, our people may well find themselves in a declining Third World country locked inside the most controlling, imperialistic power the world has ever seen.

Most of the laws to create this abomination already exist, “just in case they are needed” or “they are there to protect you.” Big Brother is already here.

Egypt has just set an excellent example of what to do with the liars and incompetent fools who would steal democracy, constitutions and attempt to impose political and/or religious intolerance as government. Our situation isn’t much different.

The first problem is dinosaurs; shills, sellouts and thieves in all three branches of government. The House being far the worst followed closely by the Senate …

Does it serve The People?

To cut and destroy education so the rich won’t be taxed?

To deny our people medical care because the insurance companies aren’t making enough money yet?

To pollute the environment so a very few can make a lot of money?

To support a huge war industrial complex so we can arm the world our children must grow up in?

To willfully conflict and obstruct the business of the nation for crass juvenile, political and racist issues?

How long shall we ignore the frauds, charlatans and traitors who have been purchased by the corporations and the wealthy, as they daily ignore our country’s opportunity, steal its wealth and tarnish its reputation? I’m not terribly interested in whether you think it’s Republican, Democrat, socialist or fascist;I do wonder how long you intend to put up these criminal fools and outright traitors who have violated their oath of office and refused to prosecute the nation’s business in the deliberative bodies to which they were elected. Is this, what you want to leave to your children?

The second problem is simple: Corporations are not living entities, they are not people and we need to repeal every law that says they are.

Robert W. “Doc” Boyle

New Castle

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