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Letter: The valley’s 1 percent

We all joke of the ultrarich forcing the filthy rich from Aspen, who in turn bump the just rich out of Basalt, who move to Carbondale and so forth the dominos roll downvalley, Glenwood, New Castle and beyond.

This was driven home by a recent KAJX story interviewing Aspen headwaiters about New Year’s revelry. Talk about extravagant. The one dinner that blew me away was a tab of about $160,000, with $1,000 bottles of wine, etc. The host rounded it out to $200,000. A pretty good tip for valley workers. Maybe this kind of redistribution of wealth is OK? You gotta wonder though, if all the planes bringing in all the hordes for all the dinner parties paid fair taxes.

Should we, the 99 percent, regular folks, feel lucky being a part of this, or downright embarrassed?

Dean Moffatt

Glenwood Springs

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