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Letter: The VW of Religions

I write regarding Glenn Beaton’s Nov. 20 column in the Glenwood Springs Post Independent (That Darned Antarctic Ice).

If the Church of Climate Change were a car company, it would be VW. The church’s priests (the so-called climate scientists) are channeling VW’s engineers. Both groups claim they can do something that they know they haven’t figured out at all.

VW claimed it could make a car that meets EPA’s standards for both mileage and emissions; the Church of Climate Change claims it can predict the future course of climate and identify its causes. Instead of admitting ignorance, they claim success while cheating the system. VW’s engineers use “kill switches” to turn off emissions controls; the climate priests hit their “kill switches” for any facts that undermine the climate gospel.

Then there are the proselytizers of climate doom. They’re like VW’s car salesmen (no offense to car salesmen). They lack expertise in what they are selling. They just read the sales poop (Webster, “poop” = inside information) provided by the priests or engineers and spread it around having no idea whether it’s true.

The EPA caught up with VW only because VW violated one of the 10 commandments of the Church of Climate Change: thou shalt not lie about honoring EPA regulations. No one will catch the climate priests; the 10 commandments of the Church of Climate Change don’t seem to include the traditional commandment not to lie about anything.

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