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Letter: There’s no way to stop climate change

Barbara Coddington’s comments and actions in the Jan. 6 article “The ‘terrified’ vs. the ‘sanguine’” border on insanity. The Earth changes and so will the climate. When did human development become an unnatural occurrence? Do people really think if we drive electric cars and stop burning coal in the U.S. that we will see a change?

People that judge climate change on observations they have seen in their lifetime are no more enlightened than creationists that think the Earth is only 6,000 years old. The climate will change, and the Earth will adapt and humans will continue to wage battles and hatred towards one another for various reasons. Once humankind is extinct, the world will heal, and life will continue. There is no way to stop climate change, and there is no ultimate solution. The crusade against petroleum products, gas drilling, coal mining, greenhouse gases and the people that make their living in the industries responsible for these things is nothing less than cruel and could be considered aggressive.

We need energy to survive and we will continue to refine the way we obtain and use energy. The people on the sidelines shaking their fists and driving Priuses have been fooled by a political machine meant to redistribute wealth to the people that choose not to compete. These climate change activists have been conditioned to hate the people and means that provide them food, shelter, happiness and life, ironically. Their efforts are misled and their messages are misleading and harmful to the continued development of the human race.

Dylan Lewis


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