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Letter: ‘They only want to win’

I just watched “Confirmation” on HBO. I was riveted by the re-enactment of the proceedings that I still remember quite well from 1991 of the Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill Senate Hearings. The question at the time was “Who did you believe?” I know that I believed Anita Hill, and could not believe that the Senate could confirm a man to the Supreme Court after the very credible allegations made against him.

But now, with 25 years more of watching the political situation in this country I understand why the Senate did. It was stated in the show. “They don’t care. They only want to win.” The party who nominated Thomas continued to support him only because he was their guy. It had nothing to do with whether he was fit for the position of a Supreme Court justice. Instead they looked for ways to discredit the victim – someone who didn’t want to come forward to begin with and had no agenda.

I am not giving the other side of the aisle a pass on this, either – they didn’t want to address this issue for their own reasons, which did not include addressing the truth of the matter or the integrity of the nominee.

We need people in government who will do the right thing – not the right thing for their party, or what is politically expedient for themselves. I hope we all can agree on that, liberal or conservative.

Donna Yost

Glenwood Springs

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