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Letter: Things imagined

I think it’s usually a waste of time writing letters to the editor arguing with previous letters to the editor. No one’s mind gets changed and everyone digs in deeper. But I do want to respond Audrey Jane Spaulding’s insightful, brave and touching question. (PI-letters -11/18/2016) “Do you realize or is it just my imagination,” she asked, “that this paper supports only the lawbreakers in this country?”

Rest easy, dearest Ms. Spaulding. It is, indeed, just your imagination that immigrants are avoiding citizenship so they can buy $50,000 trucks while sponging off citizens; the election not even being a close call (Clinton received a million more votes than Trump);Trump finally making it possible for white kids to come back to public schools by driving Mexican children out; Congress having authority “to make it so that so that you are not considered a citizen if you’re born here from parents who are not here legally” (Congress cannot change our Constitution); everyone except Colorado voting for Trump (19 other states also voted for Clinton); Colorado having so few white folks that we don’t count any more (about two-thirds of Coloradans are non-Hispanic whites); everyone being happy to clean their own toilet (immigrants scrub Aspen’s toilets while holding Aspenites at gunpoint?) — all of this really is just your imagination, Ms. Spaulding. So take heart. For all its faults and problems, our country is much better than the country your imagination so frequently leads you to describe.

Thank you, Ms. Spaulding, for having the courage to question your perceptions and beliefs. I hope you find this letter reassuring, and I offer you my best wishes during the upcoming holiday season and beyond.

Ron Kokish


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