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Letter: Things lacking in I-70 work

On Nov. 6, returning from business in Eagle via westbound I-70 for the first time since it reopened after five months of summer repairs, I was appalled at the condition of the asphalt in areas that were not in the locations repaired. There were potholes, entire chunks of pavement missing, and numerous cracks in need of filling and sealing.

Since these are repairs normally associated with CDOT crews and not outside contractors, I have to wonder why CDOT didn’t make these repairs while the lane closures were in place and during warmer weather, which makes such repairs easier and longer lasting due to warmer pavement temperatures — not to mention safer for workers.

While I understand that some repairs may be deferred due to future long-term projects, the repairs that I speak of are germane to public safety as well as the bridge surfaces beneath the asphalt.

On a different note, the Glenwood Canyon section of I-70 would probably be about a billion-dollar stretch of highway in today’s dollars, thus it seems intolerable that repairs take so long. CDOT needs to be held to task to keep a billion-dollar highway fully operational for more than seven months out of the year. This means that contractors need to be held to much tighter timelines using more crews and equipment than have been used in the last several projects.

Perhaps Garfield County commissioners taking note that “The Empire State Building was built in just 410 days” should be more concerned with urging the state legislature and CDOT into finding more expeditious means of repair to Glenwood Canyon sections of I-70 rather than pulling county funding from Planned Parenthood in a county that has the highest teen birthrate in the state of Colorado. Just a thought.

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