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Letter: Thinking things through

The decision-making process in most cases doesn’t go far enough. Often things are not thought through to their consequences, and in turn do not adapt to changing circumstances. If more people were involved in the initial concept, more people would have an interest and a coalition.

For example, after designating Grand Avenue the equivalent of a freeway up 16th Street in Denver, the axis of commerce is shifted 90 degrees to Seventh Street. Certainly this changes the dynamic and relevancy of Vogelaar Park, despite what the school district thinks. It’s got more civic potential than residential.

Someday we’ll all tweet our preferences beyond social media to our officials. Until that day, decisions that effect us will go through old fashioned city, state and federal elections and elected bodies.

In the meantime, keep an open mind in 2016 for the consequences of what was conceived in 2015 and before.

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

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