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Letter: Third World breakdown of law

After living overseas in a strict Islamic nation where rule of law was absolute, swift and fallible, to watch what is happening in Nigeria is disturbing, especially since I have a sister teaching in Lagos, Nigeria.

Boko-Haram has used Islam as a shield to perpetrate their brand of Sharia law. They have destroyed public and private properties to demonstrate their power. They are heavily armed and move over Nigerian territories unencumbered. They are placing the Nigerian populace in danger, and worst of all they promote fear through intimidation, kidnapping and murder.

Eastern Ukraine has a similar story with “separatists,” believing their life will be better under Putin, who claim the government voted in by Ukrainian citizens as a “fascist” and “illegal” government. Armed and aggressive, they too are spreading their truth with fear and intimidation.

Veterans were gathering near Blanding, Utah, while this same weekend a well-armed group of ATV-ers decided to play at power games and force possible combat with other Americans. The veterans, called off the gathering, not out of fear, but out of real hero concern for the dupes playing at engagement. Actions speak loud and parallels to BokoHaram/Ukraine/Blanding separatist actions are there.

Fear is the destroyer of all cohesive culture.

Past citizens have been concerned with the preservation of our past and have sacrificed for a national future. The nation slowly rises from economic denigration from a variety of debatable reasons, and has forced many to re-evaluate their goals and some, their responsibilities as citizens.

We are now faced with Nigerian/Ukraine-like attitudes from a minor number of people who are diverting their frustrations into actions that could cost more than the loss of our beautiful heritage. Fighting ourselves, such as BLM, Forest Service and National Park working stiffs, defeats us all.

Benita Phillips


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