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Letter: ‘This is a win-win bond’

The world that we will hand off to our children is politically, socially and technologically complicated. They will need all the tools that we can provide them to live and thrive in such an environment. The teachers of Glenwood Springs are certainly up to the task of providing these tools to our children. I have been very impressed by the teachers and attended some of the “All School Crews” at Glenwood Springs Elementary School where my wife has volunteered for five years.

I have been to the school bond team meetings. and I am very impressed by the level of competence that the team has exercised in creating the bond package that will be voted upon. As a former IBM senior global planner, I admired the requirements assessment, teacher and public input and the resulting plans to provide the valley with the infrastructure needed to deliver the education the children need.

This is a win-win bond. It will add needed infrastructure including affordable teacher housing. It will provide jobs to local workers and a boost to the economy. Even though my wife and I are seniors and have never had children in the school system, I am willing to pay the levy to give these teachers the infrastructure that will help them deliver the education the children will need. Many who came before us paid into the system that educated us, and now it is our turn. This is the way community works.

Recently we approved the city of Glenwood Springs to trade land near Glenwood Springs Elementary School. I am excited by the possibility of the Glenwood Springs city and the school district reconfiguring the area to create a great school and a thriving downtown.

It is up to the citizens of the valley to help teachers deliver the best education possible by voting for the coming bond issue to create an infrastructure, which will support their teaching efforts. It is a winning proposal for the teachers, the community, the parents and especially the children. These children are our future.

Tom and Colleen Rutledge

Glenwood Springs

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