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Letter: This world isn’t perfect

A stopped watch is right twice a day. That’s what came to mind seeing Ron Paul on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno touting his latest: The School Revolution, which would privatize education, make it family based, funded and guided.

This all sounds fine, but the assumption is that people function without accountability and have the private funds to support world class education. What about people outside the loop of caring or outside the means of dollars to jump through the hoops?

It all comes back to those who naively believe in a perfect world. Wake up. This world isn’t perfect.

The most profound thing that Jesus said is, “The poor will always be with us.” At some point, at some level, we all will be among the “poor,” whether it’s in the world or in our souls. Excluding that part of humanity is excluding ourselves. Fear of being left out of an irrational system leads to the irrational.

Wanna be a National Socialist, a follower of Ayn Rand, L. Ron Hubbard, et. al.? Ask the Jews about the National Socialists, ask Alan Greenspan about Ayn Rand’s theory of economics that fueled the 2008 economic crash, ask John Travolta or Tom Cruise how well Scientology would be without them.

This is what armchair historians practice: half-cocked ideologies that leave out the rest of us. To add insult to injury, they get some facts right, and discard others. Do you want to be in their trash basket? On the other hand, do not totally discard these people and their ideas, we enrich civilization by learning from them.

Enshrine them in the pantheon of greats, and find them in these blended names, entities and/or possible statues: The Ayn Rand Paul Effect … or The L. Ron Paul Hubbard Effect. Among these greats one would be hard pressed to find The Mr. Smith Cruz to Washington. Ted Cruz doesn’t measure up to Mr. Smith’s charge.

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

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