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Letter: Time for CDOT to step up

I have lived in GWS for almost 40 years, most of them in a small house in the downtown area of Blake Avenue. I walk everywhere. I will try and keep a positive attitude regarding the construction of a new Grand Avenue bridge, but have two suggestions that I hope will be taken seriously by the decision makers involved in the bridge replacement.

I think work on a new Eighth Street connection will begin soon. At the most recent Imagine Glenwood meeting, it was mentioned that once that happens there is nothing planned in the design to accommodate pedestrians/bicyclers to safely use that new intersection while construction is occurring. If, as has been mentioned over and over, that one important goal during construction is to get as many people as possible out of their cars, I can’t imagine why there will be no way pedestrians will not be able to use that new connection. Could that have not been planned for and included? Please make every effort to allow walkers and bicyclers to use that intersection, making it as convenient and safe as possible for them.

It is beyond time, in my opinion, for CDOT to make it safe for walkers to cross Grand Avenue at Eighth and Ninth streets. I use the button and cross at the walk signal and have experienced many close calls of almost being run over and seriously injured by autos turning right while not even noticing crossing pedestrians.

I also have witnessed other pedestrians putting themselves at risk when crossing those intersections. One gentleman, after just being missed by a turning auto, angrily yelled, “This is the second time this has happened!” I absolutely related to how he felt. I make it a practice of looking over my shoulder while trying to make eye contact with drivers while I cross. Even I, while being aware of how dangerous those two intersections are, sometimes forget to do this. I watch tourists trying to get across, with small children in tow, and I am in fear for their safety, while they are not aware how dangerous it is to cross there.

I can’t imagine anyone at CDOT wanting to be responsible for any serious injuries or deaths occurring because of this awful situation. It is time for CDOT to step up and make these intersections safe for pedestrians as quickly as possible.

Any help from GWS residents urging the parties involved to make these changes happen is most appreciated.

Sheila R. Markowitz

Glenwood Springs

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